Top places to view wildlife around Harare

Lion and Snake World

The drive through Lion Enclosure offers a pride of majestic lions. Typically relaxing under the shade of a msasa tree, or sunning themselves on a rock.

The Game Park hosts a broad spectrum of plains game species such as zebra, eland, blesbok, nyala and duiker.

Vehicles may be parked at the kiosk, where refreshments and snacks are available, as well as a curios shop that stocks varied and interesting African crafts from rural areas.

Surrounding the kiosk areas is a walk through park with a cross section of smaller, but no less ecologically important, animals. There are also boards with information on each animal.

The Game Park offers Braai Facilities / Picnic Spots where you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks . The Kiosk area however warrants a $10.00 ‘Coolerbox’ Charge .

You use your own vehicle to drive through the Park so can do so at your own leisure.



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